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“Judy introduced me to functional fitness and weight lifting. My husband had been doing it for years but I wasn’t interested. I was skeptical and afraid of getting hurt. I’d never lifted weights before and was intimidated by the culture. Judy started me out slow and helped me gain confidence and strength in a small environment where I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by a large group. She showed me that anyone can do it and succeed at any level. Not only is Judy extremely knowledgeable about lifting mechanics, but she is also very good at coaching and teaching those mechanics. Whether you’re new to functional fitness or have been doing it for years, Judy has the skills to be able to cater to any fitness level in order to achieve your personal goals. Hands down the best personal trainer I’ve had.”
– Abbey

“Judy is an amazing coach! Her body says it all!! Since moving away, I still haven’t found a coach that comes close to Judy. She’s positive, motivating, attentive and extremely knowledgeable regarding functional fitness, weight lifting, and healthy eating. She will individualize a program that works for your body and your needs. My husband was deployed for a year during which time I started with Judy. She helped transform my body (and my booty) and when my husband returned, he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. Thanks Judy!”
– Lisa

“I had never tried functional fitness before I met Judy. She made me fall in love with it! She was very encouraging and positive and that helped me get through everyday. I loved seeing the results. I felt stronger then I ever had before. Judy would always watch our form and would never start a workout without making sure we have the correct form. That was very important to me because I know how easily you can get hurt if you don’t lift correctly. Working out at Judy’s was never boring. I enjoyed myself while getting an excellent workout!”
– Cindy

“Thank you for coaching me and letting me see what I can do instead of being discouraged by what I couldn’t do. Also, thank you for introducing me to a healthy diet in a fresh way without laws that can never be broken.”
– Veronica

“I feel so fortunate to have had Judy as a coach. I am a runner, that only knew running. I was very uncertain of wading into the world of strength training. Judy was compassionate and understanding of some of my misgivings. But through her personal knowledge, mentorship and amazing personal fitness she guided me to work through boundaries and develop self confidence. Judy’s expertise in coaching, fitness, and nutrition gave me the courage to try new things and work harder to see results, and she delivered.”
– Beth

“Judy!! Thank you so very much for your expertise, know how & encouragement! Wish I would have taken “before” pictures. I’m already seeing physical changes & the mental & emotional changes are awesome! Prayers continue to be answered!”