NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
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Hi, I’m Judy Cheney!

A little about me:

I have always been active. As a little girl I loved gymnastics and spent most of my time outside doing splits, cartwheels, or hanging upside down off anything and everything that would hold me. When I wasn’t doing gymnastics, you could find me riding my bike, running up and down the street with friends, jumping rope, or climbing trees. Being active and fit was FUN!! As I got older, fitness became less about having fun and more about something I did because I thought I was supposed to. I grew up, got married, had kids, and before I knew it “staying fit” had turned into 1/2hr on a treadmill a few times a week. There was no sense of satisfaction in my workouts and I needed a change.

That change came when my husband introduced me to functional fitness. The workouts consisted of gymnastics, bike riding, running, jumping rope, climbing rope, jumping on boxes, and lifting weight. Ha! Exactly what I did for PLAY when I was a little girl! I was hooked and soon joined a gym that provided these kinds of workouts. In no time I started noticing changes in my body composition that no amount of running on a treadmill had ever delivered. I actually had muscle that you could see (well, not literally – that would be gross )! I felt strong, independent, and confident for the first time in a long time, and I loved it!

What I soon realized, however, was that the majority of clients at the gym were in their early to mid 20s. I was constantly inviting friends to join me but they refused to come saying they would be uncomfortable in that atmosphere. I even had some friends visit with me but they ended up feeling intimidated by the younger “fitter” people (mostly guys ☺) and did not want to come back.

A little about how my business came to be:

My friends bought into the idea of functional fitness but wanted to be part of a group of ladies-only with small class sizes and a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. They could see how my own transformation and how passionate I was about the workouts. Before long they were asking if I would consider coaching them. That’s when Judy Cheney Personal Training was born! SO FUN!!

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